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Bootstrap Website Template

A Free Solution To Your Lack of a Website Problem

This template made it super simple for surveyors with no website to easily create a website by adding the template to your gmail account, customizing it to your liking and then mapping it to your domain of choice. Well if you currently have no website, you'll be happy to know that Justin and I have created an entirely new Surveying Company Website template for you to use in the same way. Simply head over to the Free Surveying Company Template(while signed into your Google Account) and click "Use This Template." I'm about to save you about $1000!

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Your Survey Company Must Be Online

This 100% customizable website template was created with land surveying companies who do not currently have a website in mind.  It was built using Google Sites platform, is simple to customize and secure enough to even support ecommerce and online payment integration. It's a breeze  to  replace the existing content with your own and easy to maintain.  We have even dedicated a support group inside Land Surveyors United for asking questions and getting help with your customization. 

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