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If you have a survey map that you'd like to add to our gallery (coming soon), this is the place to do so.

Preparing Your Map (Image Based Map)

If your map is an image and you would like to convert it into a map, we suggest a simply app to use called Maplib. turns pictures into zoomable& panable views in easy steps and enables new ways of viewing pictures, just like Google Maps does.

Features of Maplib

  1. It's simple and professional knowledge is not required.
  2. Make annotations on pictures with legend.
  3. Various icons for markers, as well as uploading your own icons.
  4. Social network system. You can join groups and post topics, and share pictures with group members.
  5. Easily to embedded into your own website, for both atlas and pictures.
  6. Using tags and atlas to organize picture more efficiently.
  7. Full permission control system. Your atlas, pictures and groups can be open to specific users only. can be used to...

  1. Create geographic maps, for example, campus maps and so on.
  2. Create game maps, and share it with those who also love this game.
  3. View digital pictures in a whole new way, and invite your friends to make annotations on it.
  4. Introduce products. Just upload the picture of a product, and make annotations on parts of this product.
  5. Create flow charts that can be used for snapshots of web pages and softwares and so on.
  6. View huge pictures and save the loading time.
  7. And more...

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